Weekly bite-sized screencasts on iOS development.

Road Trip DJ - Part 12

Episode #167 | 13 minutes | published on 04/30/2015
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In this episode I do some deep auto-layout constraint debugging with Reveal, and discuss how to make our header resize based on the device we're running on.

Road Trip DJ - Part 11

Episode #166 | 20 minutes | published on 04/23/2015
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In this episode I address the usability concerns of our toolbar buttons. I removed the bar button item spacing elements and instead use auto layout to control the size of the buttons. We also add a visual indicator of how wide each button is when you tap it, and fix the play/pause state of the middle button.

Road Trip DJ - Part 10

Episode #165 | 9 minutes | published on 04/17/2015
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In this episode we adapt MPMediaItem to our PlaylistItem protocol and fix some issues related to running on the device. We add play/pause functionality, and discuss the issue of hit area on our toolbar buttons.

Road Trip DJ - Part 9

Episode #164 | 8 minutes | published on 04/09/2015
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In this episode I fix a couple of bugs and fix the transition animation for the header view by leveraging UIView snapshotting.

Road Trip DJ - Part 8

Episode #163 | 12 minutes | published on 04/06/2015
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In this episode we fix the playlist header at the top, first by a custom collection view layout, then by simply using a custom view at the top.

Road Trip DJ - Part 7

Episode #162 | 14 minutes | published on 03/26/2015
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In this episode we wire up the next / previous track buttons and modify which track is currently shown in the header. We also encounter an unexpected issue when comparing signed and unsigned integers.

Road Trip DJ - Part 6

Episode #161 | 18 minutes | published on 03/19/2015
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In this episode we make a custom collection view header to prominently display the currently playing track. We also fix up some auto layout issues from the last episode.

Road Trip DJ - Part 5

Episode #160 | 23 minutes | published on 03/12/2015
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This time we work on the collection view layout and cells, along the way we create an abstraction of our media items to make development go a bit faster and to allow the app to display content in the simulator.

Road Trip DJ Part 4

Episode #159 | 24 minutes | published on 03/09/2015
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In this episode I put some custom icons in the player bar and convert this into a control that can be displayed in interface builder, complete with configurable spacing between buttons using Interface Builder.

Road Trip DJ - Part 3

Episode #158 | 13 minutes | published on 02/26/2015
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Continuing our build out of Road Trip DJ, this time I focus on the music player, and keeping the play/pause button in sync on UIToolbar, which proves to be more difficult than it should be.

Road Trip DJ Part 2

Episode #157 | 12 minutes | published on 02/19/2015
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In this episode we continue Road Trip DJ and implement the media picker controller, talk about the different modes that in can operate in and how that affects the usability of this app. We also consider how we're going to build a playlist and keep appending items to it.

Road Trip DJ Part 1

Episode #156 | 10 minutes | published on 02/13/2015
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In this episode we start building an app from scratch called Road Trip DJ. The idea is the build a playlist of music on the fly while it is playing. This is an app I've wanted to build for a while and it serves as a good, small app we can build from start to finish.

xcconfig Files Part 2

Episode #155 | 6 minutes | published on 02/05/2015
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Continuing from last week's episode, this time we talk about adding environment-specific settings in xcconfig files, have them pre-processed into the Info.plist, and also how to integrate this technique with CocoaPods.

xcconfig Files

Episode #154 | 13 minutes | published on 01/29/2015
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In this episode we extract all of the settings from a standard iPhone project and move them over to a .xcconfig file for Xcode to use as a base for our projects. Doing so can make our configuration a bit more explicit, allow us to add comments on why certain settings are necessary, and also to put them under version control to make it easy to spot changes.

Feature Toggles

Episode #153 | 8 minutes | published on 01/22/2015
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In this episode I cover configuring your Xcode project to conditionally include or exclude a feature, in case there is a feature you can't have in the App Store, or perhaps something that isn't quite ready yet.

Cocoa Bindings

Episode #152 | 13 minutes | published on 01/15/2015
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In this episode I take a look at the basics of Cocoa Bindings. With Bindings you can have your controls on your view bound to properties on your controller or model, and even have controls bound to themselves. What would normally be a lot of manual plumbing code is handled for you automatically by bindings. To demonstrate, we build a live-updating temperature converter.


Episode #151 | 19 minutes | published on 01/08/2015
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In this episode we take a look at CoreAnimation's easiest form of animation with CABasicAnimation. Using this class we can animate properties of a layer, such as frame, background color, paths for CAShapeLayer, and more. We also cover timing functions and how to make a transition between shapes a bit easier for the system to interpolate between.

Cocoa Windows

Episode #150 | 12 minutes | published on 01/01/2015
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In this first episode covering OS X development, I cover how to manage windows, window controllers and xibs with Objective-C and Swift. There are lots of options (and opinions) here, so we follow some advice from Mike Ash's blog post on the topic.

How Bézier Paths Work

Episode #149 | 12 minutes | published on 12/18/2014
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Have you ever wondered how bezier paths work? What are the control points, and how exactly do they affect the line? In this episode we'll build our own visualization of how a bézier path is constructed to help understand it better.

Function Composition with CI Filters

Episode #148 | 12 minutes | published on 12/11/2014
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We continue our example of CoreImage CIFilters, this time showing how function composition can facilitate working with filters a bit more flexible and chainable. Starting with the imperative, method-based approach, then gradually building towards a pattern that allows us to easily build filters functionally, swapping out the order, and changing around input parameters.